Mobile business from scratch

UI/UX Design

Successful mobile apps all have on thing in common: they benefit users. That’s why our design approach focuses on making decisions based on the needs and desires of your users. Our user-centric approach focuses on enhancing satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in interaction with the product.

Mobile Development

We develop native apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices. We focus on speed development, easy debugging, maintenance and scaling. We work for startups and enterprise alike, creating apps easy and funny to use, apps that make money, apps that top their respective markeplaces.

Infrastructure & Backend

At the heart of our origins is code and our team is designed and built to provide enterprise level systems. We create API backend and even complex infrastructures for your apps with a focus on ensuring everything is necessary for the growth of your company in terms of IT.

Online Business Strategies

Stay focused on your business! We support you with a number of different techniques to aid your company to define and plan the best and concrete strategies from social to large display networks to guarantee web presence and business growth.


We are dedicated to develope marketing strategies and to creating, planning, and handling advertising for our clients. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the best solutions to launch a brand, increase the number of visits to your site or to your Facebook page, to increase contacts and sales

SEO Copywriting

Writing a seo compatible content is not like writing a best-seller page. In fact, we need to achieve a balance between clarity, legibility, attraction and technique in complying with the requisites required by Google’s search engine to achieve the best in terms of SEO optimization and organic positioning



HistonPlay is a community for children from 0 to 13 years

  • Idea
  • Complete project
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile development


3PW is a company, based in Italy, expert in selling on Amazon. It provides a full service service ranging from a proprietary web platform to logistics and customer service

  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing

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MULADD likes to compare to the craftsman who works his handiwork having as its goal the pursuit of perfection itself. It does not scale his work according to the social position of the man who commissioned it, nor on money that will derive from the its sale.